Remembering Tracey Lurie-Sklar

Tracey Lurie-Sklar was a teacher, mother,daughter, sister and community leader. Born in Africa on June 13, 1962, Tracey passed away on November 6, 2008. The run is in honor of her work with students both in the US and abroad and her spirit.

Tracey was a multifaceted person. Beautiful, bright, educated, energetic, literary, and athletic, particularly in swimming. She especially loved literature and poetry and was an inspiring English literary teacher. She loved to travel and she had a quirky sense of humor. She was a “people person” – outgoing, warm, compassionate and a friend to all – no matter if they were popular or unpopular, or the fits or the misfits. She touched many and brought people together.

Tracey was a wonderful person. She reached out to people and had so many friends. She was caring and really made an effort to get to know people, which is unusual in this fast moving world. She will be missed by so many people.

“I was so sad to hear about Mrs. Lurie passing away. She was one of my favorite English teachers at North Atlanta High School and sparked my love for English literature and writing. She always gracious and warm and was loved by all her students. She will be greatly missed.”
“We are so very sad to hear of the passing of Tracey. We knew her for several years while we lived in Atlanta. She was always a lively spark of joy. Tracey was a very special woman. We will never forget her.”
“She inspired and encouraged me in my studies, too considering the fact that I am a teacher myself. She was a caring and understanding person one could always rely on. I had the joy to take care of her children, Emily and Matt, which brought a lot of nice memories into my life while staying in Atlanta. I will remember Tracey with love.”
Ms. Lurie is also the teacher who helped me discover my voice as a writer, and was such a great cheerleader for her students.”
“She was so full of life and always smiling. Whenever she was discussing her thoughts about a book, I would listen so intensely because she was so bright and insightful”
“She was a vibrant woman whose red hair barely matched the ebullience of her personality, always brightening my spirits. She eagerly volunteered to help in any way she could”
“She always had such a compassionate heart and a willingness to do things for others — 150%”
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