Building Blocks

We envision a future in India free from poverty where all children, regardless of background or class have equal opportunity to get an education. We provide education to children from underprivileged or low income families to achieve this goal. The early childhood years are the most crucial in the development of the child, both physically and mentally. Building Blocks’ resolution to starting early gives its beneficiaries a headstart in life. We want to thank each of our sponsors for partnering with us to change the world of the less fortunate children.

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  • About the Organization

    Building Blocks follows a kindergarten program designed to give underprivileged children a good foundation in English language, arithmetic, general science, social and practical life skills at an early age of three years. Since these children would not get an opportunity to go to any early learning course due to economic difficulties, they have been able to do this completely free through the help of philanthropic sponsors.

    Coming to Building Blocks every day from the slums where the children don’t have access to clean running water, electricity, washrooms, our centers are like a safe haven for the children. For the first time in their lives, they learn to wash their hands with soap in the sink and also learn the use of a toothbrush, look at books with colourful pictures, use crayons for colouring and celebrate their birthday with their friends. Attending Building Blocks is a new world for them!



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